We hope you were looking for web design or photography help because that is what you found.

I named my service after my life long passion for riding jumping horses.  But I have been doing photography and web design for years I just recently decided to call it something other than Kalsem Kreations.  (I am a home school mom, and some of my home schooling friends called me on my creative spelling.)

All the photos in my photo section are my original work.

Each of the web sites I have developed have been done using photo’s from a multitude of sources including my self, my clients, and copy write free sources.  I have to credit many folks who help and advise me in the site building including the Word Press developers, theme developers and folks who post copy write free material for designers to use.  Most importantly to me however is my server support and “everything else support guy” Mike at Hometown Computer Service.

Those of you who know me,  know my husbands name is Mike, but Hometown Computer Service is actually my beautiful cousin Stacey’s, husband Mike.  With out whom I would be utterly lost in the world wide web.  Thanks for your continued support and guidance Mike.
Please look around and if you have any questions or comments please contact me at JHWP.